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Clipping Path

GA provides 100% hand-drawn clipping path service without losing pixels from images. Our path experts team is able to take stress creating paths for bulk volume of images. You will receive the edit file on time with the best quality.

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Color Correction

We adjust and balance the colors of the images to create a professional look. Our color correction editing techniques involve adjusting white balance, enhancing or toning down specific colors, and consistency across images. After applying all techniques, it improves the appearances of the images and brings out the true essence of the subject.

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Photo Retouching

GA experts can help to transform ordinary images to stunning using retouching techniques. If you need creative expression, appealing visuals for your images, look no further than GA team. We will adjust colors, smoothen skin, remove spots and enhance the visuals to create an attractive look.

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Image Masking

We used image masking techniques to isolate objects or other elements from its background especially from complex subjects like hair, fur or translucent objects. This technique ensures precise selection, easy manipulation and removes unwanted elements accurately.

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Background Removal

Whether you need white background, transparent background, add/remove any object from existing background, or background blur service, we can do all things perfectly. Our background removal service starts at $.39 for individual images.

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Product Photo Editing

We help to enhance the visualization of product images for ecommerce. Our product photo editing service involves background removal, color correction, shadow creation, ghost mannequin effect, image retouching, cropping, resizing and more. Our services help to increase sales, attract customers and convey professionalism and quality.

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Shadow Creation

GA experts aim to add depth, realism, and visual impact to images while creating shadows. Our team tries to make objects appear grounded and enhance their three-dimensional presence. We also match the lighting conditions of the scene and create a natural and cohesive visual experience.

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Ghost Mannequin

Keeping mannequin on apparel products may distract customer attention and ultimately lose your profit. Our ghost mannequin service ensures removing mannequin from images accurately and shows product images in their best way. We provide very cost-effective services with the best editing techniques.

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